Must Visit Monuments of South Korea

Seoul is a current metropolis of glitzy skyscrapers, but additionally manages to boast a wealth of cultural sights, ancient landmarks and awesome monuments. The quality element about Seoul sightseeing is that maximum landmarks are only a hop, pass and a bounce farfar from every other.Discover here the popular monuments of South Korea where you mustContinue reading “Must Visit Monuments of South Korea”

Two Most Strangest Places in UK

The UK is widely known for its museums, pubs, fish and chips, castles and ancient places. London Eye, Stonehedge, Royal Palace, well-known museums and lots of others are very widely known and famous attractions. But in case you need to enjoy some thing different, we’d suggest travelling a number of the under cited uncommon placesContinue reading “Two Most Strangest Places in UK”

Strangest Places in India

India is filled with various amazing landmarks and here you find diversity in culture traditions.This country is amazing place to visit and here you got lots of unusual things to visit and explore about them.There are various strange stories you heard when you visit some of these amazing and Unusual places in India where youContinue reading “Strangest Places in India”

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