Two Most Strangest Places in UK

The UK is widely known for its museums, pubs, fish and chips, castles and ancient places. London Eye, Stonehedge, Royal Palace, well-known museums and lots of others are very widely known and famous attractions. But in case you need to enjoy some thing different, we’d suggest travelling a number of the under cited uncommon places in UK where you find something unexpected and unusual .

1. Chewton Glen Treehouse Suites

If you want forests and nature, the Chewton Glen Treehouse is the proper area for you. It is an award-triumphing luxurious united states of america treehouse motel on the threshold of New Milton and the suburbs of Bournemouth. It is surrounded via way of means of trees, with fifty eight rooms, spa, and your non-public terrace. Waking as much as the sound of birds in a luxurious suite is a clearly first-rate experience. The treehouses are placed in New Forest that’s a place of southern England.

2. No Man’s Land Fort

An first-rate citadel, placed close to Portsmouth, at the south coast of England, The No Man’s Land Fort become constructed in 1859 for the motive of defense. It may be accessed handiest via way of means of boat or ferry, however it additionally relies upon at the climate, so earlier than visiting, it’d be smart to test the climate forecast. Today the citadel is a number to many events. It has a top notch restaurant, bar, spa center, motel with uniquely designed rooms, which have an first-rate view.

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