Best cities in Paraguay

Paraguay’s history stretches back hundreds of years, which means oodles of cultural treats are in store for the traveler. One example is the nation’s beautiful towns and cities.Paraguay, little-known country nestled between touristy Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil, is rarely visited when following traditional South American tourist itineraries.Paraguay is lacking famous attractions and tourist-oriented establishments and that is why this interesting country of big rivers, vast green landscapes, and rich indigenous culture is not on the Gringo Trail.

List of Famous cities in Paraguay:


Those looking for the soul of Paraguay cannot miss Areguá. This enchanting city draws its charm from its unique topography formed by the continuous series of mountain ranges on the one side and the mesmerizing ripples of the Ypacaraí Lake on the other. A confluence of history and culture amid beautiful natural scenery makes it an unforgettable destination. The city, known for its cobblestone streets, incredible density of Spanish colonial architecture, delicious strawberries, and ghosts offers a quiet destination for those who seek tranquility in peaceful surroundings while delving into culture.

2.Bahia Negra

Bahia Negra is a small town at the very end of the world. Built as a military base to protect the coastline of the Paraguay River, the city has no more than 800 residents today. But the first impression can be sometimes misleading; Bahia Negra is the only entry port for those who want to visit the Paraguayan sector of the Panantal – a natural area, enclosing within its vast territory the world’s largest tropical wetland area. Only 40 kilometers from the centre of Bahia Negra, one will find the Los Tres Gigantes Biological Station.

3.San Bernardino

San Bernardino, or “San Ber” as its known to locals, is not so much a city as a state of mind that influences the way people think and feel. Located on the picturesque coastline of Ipacaraí Lake, travellers here plunge into San Ber’s relaxing atmosphere and buzzing cultural offering. It is recommended to indulge the senses with delicious food and fizzy drinks and simply savour the laid-back vibes and hedonsitc energy of the place. So, come and discover the best of Paraguay’s nightlife: buzzing restaurants, beach front pubs and lively clubs with infectious beats.

4. Caacupé

57 kilometers to the east of Asuncion stands the small city of Caacupé, home of Paraguay’s most important pilgrimage site. Tradition dates this site to the early 16th century, when a Guarani Indian peasant named Indio Jose, patronized by Franciscan missionaries, carved an image of the Virgin Mary for the new church and subsequently received a visitation from her accompanied by a pillar of light. The sculpture, now housed inside the Basilica of Virgin Mary of Caacupé is an object of pious devotion for thousands of Paraguayans. The city holds its annual religious festival on 8th December and is a grand and sacred place, great for those who wish to get attuned with the country’s religious fervor.

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