Most Popular cities of Kazakhstan

One of the top 10 largest countries in the world, Kazakhstan  is being the ninth largest country in the world, Kazakhstan is wide to an extent that it encompasses 5 climate zones and has 2 time zones.

There are many hidden treasures in the country that will leave you in awe, whether it’s because of their beauty or their weirdness.  You must know down all the popular cities to visit in Kazakhstan that are significant historically and offer a multitude of activities. If you are the kind of traveler who loves exploring beautiful and unusual destinations that most people haven’t even heard of, then you’re at the right place.

List of top cities of Kazakhstan:

  1. Almaty

It is known for its gorgeous setting and picture-postcard outdoor. One of the best places to visit in Kazakhstan, the snow-capped mountains guard the city and make for the best backdrop ever. Almaty is the Rome of Kazakhstan as all the roads in the country lead to this city. Big Almaty Lake is easily the most famous and recognizable lake in Kazakhstan. Moving on to the city attractions, the Central State Museum here holds special importance because of the rich cultural heritage it houses.

2. Nur-Sultan

Nur-Sultan, known as Astana until March 2019, is the futuristic capital city of Kazakhstan. It is situated on the banks of Ishim River. You can catch a glimpse of the entire city from the observation deck of Baiterek Tower and soak in the spiritual vibe at Nur-Astana Mosque. This city is counted in one of the best cities in Kazakhstan. It is located in the northern parts of the country on the Ishim River.

3. Baikonur  

An off-beat destination, Baikonur is home to the world’s oldest and largest space launch facility. Baikonur Cosmodrome was once a secret missile testing site for the Russians and is now a busy spaceport for a number of commercial, military, and scientific missions launched annually. You can visit up there for a tour to witness the launch of a space mission from the Cosmodrome facilities and learn about the history of the Soviet and Russian space programs at the museum.

4. Taraz

If you like exploring mysterious, historical places, Taraz is the perfect destination for you! It lies at the junction of the Talas River and the Turk-Sib Railway. Taraz is one of the oldest towns of Kazakhstan.The ancient city is home to enchanting ruins, leafy boulevards, and medieval era mausoleums.Visit the beautiful Aysha Bibi Mausoleum to admire the intricate carvings on the terracotta tiles and head to the Talas River to fall in love with the postcard-like surroundings. 

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