Famous Seafood Restaurants in Amsterdam

Amsterdam boasts many excellent seafood restaurants, which range from down-to-earth lunchrooms that serve typical Dutch street bites to high-end establishments with refined haute cuisine. Continue reading to discover some of the best places for fresh and delicious seafood in the city.

List of Famous Seafood Restaurants in Amsterdam:

1.The Good Companion

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Despite the dish’s overwhelming popularity in the UK and the abundance of similar fast-food items available in the Netherlands, it is surprisingly difficult to find fish and chips in Amsterdam. The Good Companion aims to remedy this unfortunate situation and offers several types of battered fish, which are served with thick-cut chips, mushy peas and homemade sauces. The restaurant has many other delicious deep-fried seafood dishes on its menu as well as lighter meals such as soup, salad and tempura veggies.

2.John Dory

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This high-end seafood restaurant is housed inside a 17th century warehouse located on the southern side of Amsterdam’s historic canal belt. The restaurant serves a style of cookery it calls ‘Fishtronomy’, which employs techniques drawn from haute cuisine to create meticulously prepared and well-balanced dishes that centre around locally sourced fish. The restaurant changes its eight-course dinner menu every night and stocks an excellent selection of imported wine.

3.Pesca, Theatre of Fish

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This high-concept restaurant features an indoor fish stand that looks as though it was lifted straight from an old-school fishmonger. Guests are encouraged to browse through the restaurant’s current selection and order meals directly from the restaurant’s fish stand. Afterwards, Pesca’s chefs prepare the aforementioned fish in an open kitchen, allowing guests to witness their chosen items being filleted, chopped and cooked to perfection. Pesca, Theatre of Fish only buys fish from sustainable sources and lowers its prices later at night in order to avoid creating unnecessary waste.

4. The Seafood Bar

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The Seafood Bar has three locations spread around Amsterdam, which each serve fresh sustainable seafood, high-quality wine and expertly-made cocktails. The restaurant’s menu basically ticks every box when it comes to European-style seafood and features many classic dishes, such as whole lobsters, seafood and oysters on the half shell. The restaurant also runs a traiteur called The Seafood Shop, which sells traditional Dutch seafood snacks, like deep-fried kibbeling or soused herring, as take-out meals.

Read More: https://www.theseafoodbar.com/home-en

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