Amazing Things To Do in Prague on Christmas

Perhaps the most gorgeous of all European Capitals, Prague is a captivating city that reels it’s visitors in and fascinate them never to leave. Visiting Prague in Winter is even more enchanting as Squares are overtaken by Christmas Markets and the lights come out in force. Fresh breezes blow over the Charles Bridge, dislodging frost from the stern faces of statues. Christmas markets fit with shoppers, as others line up for a taste of spit-roast pork, breath frosting as they laugh. Sparkling fires in pubs welcome visitors as they kick the snow from their boots, settling down with a pint of Czech beer and a hearty meal. It’s pretty damn perfect.

Christmas in Prague,Travel

Things to do in Prague on Christmas:

Ice skating in Prague

One extraordinary highlight of Prague in December is indeed ice skating, which is famous among tourists and locals alike. Whether you’re a seasoned pro and elegantly cut circles across the ice or are a slip-sliding first-timer, there is nothing like being out in the fresh air surrounded by beautiful lights and the historic buildings of Prague.

Christmas in Prague,Travel

Explore Prague Christmas Markets

Christmas in Prague would not be completed without the festive Christmas Markets Browse the handicraft markets, partake in Christmas carols, indulge in delicious snacks and warm up with hot drinks. The Christmas Markets of Prague really is a winter heaven. But if the crowds at the main spots become a bit too much you can also look for the smaller yet equally delightful markets at Prague Castle, Havel’s Market, Kampa Island or on the Republic Square.

Christmas in Prague,Travel

Visit Prague’s churches and museums

If you really can’t take any more of the chilly breezes and snowfalls, take interest of the fact that Prague has endless admirable museums and churches for you to explore whilst you warm up. You’re bound to find something of interest, no matter what your tastes are.

Christmas in Prague,Travel

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