Best Indian Restaurants in Florence

The capital of Italy’s famed Tuscan region and the birthplace of Renaissance, Florence is one of the most enchanting cities of Europe brimming with art and architecture. Along with Michelangelo’s David, Brunelleschi’s Duomo, world-class museums and iconic Ponte Vecchio, there is so much art & culture in every street of Florence that it could easily be christened Italy’s open air museum. The city’s obsession with gourmet food and rich wine is reflected in the fabulous dining options that Florence offers. With so many Indians visiting the city to savour la dolce vita, Indian restaurants in Florence have flourished in recent years.

List of Best Indian Restaurants in Florence

1.Royal India

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Everything from the butter chicken to chana masala is cooked to perfection and served with a smile. Mr. Sharma is an excellent host and goes that extra mile to make your visit special. If your taste buds need a break from Italian cuisine, then this gem of a place is one of our top picks for Indian restaurants in Florence offering an authentic taste of India. The pleasing decor, relaxed ambience and attentive staff at Royal India in Florence put you at ease, while the delicious food pampers your palate.

2. Al Noor Indian Restaurant

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Your hunt for good value- for- money Indian restaurants in Florence ends at this humble no-fuss place that serves delicious food at a reasonable price. The restaurant is fully functional and cozy, and serves steaming hot aromatic Indian food in an amazingly short period of time. Those looking for a reprieve from pasta and pizza meals can find respite in the flavourful Indian dishes at Al Noor. With their prompt service and & friendly staff, the restaurant is also a great choice for take away.

3. Ashoka

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Those craving home-cooked Indian food can satiate their taste buds at this small family-run restaurant. Their mutton dishes, chicken vindaloo and desserts are quite popular along with simple dishes like dal tadka and kadhi pakora. This humble restaurant with traditional Indian decor serves piping hot north-Indian food at reasonable prices. Ashoka is one of those Indian restaurants in Florence, Italy, that serve a hearty home-style meal without pinching your pockets.

4.Indian Palace

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Everything from the curries to seafood dishes is cooked to perfection, exuding authentic Indian flavours and aromas. Undoubtedly the top contender for best south Indian restaurants in Florence, Italy, this lovely eatery also serves delectable north Indian dishes. Mr Sharma and his team are the perfect hosts, ensuring a wonderful dining experience every time you visit Indian Palace in Florence. Their crisp dosas and vadas are just as mouth-watering as the biryanis, curries, and desserts.

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5. Kashmir kebab

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The mouth-watering kebabs are prepared with fresh ingredients and a balanced flavour that lingers on your palate for a while. You can relish the sumptuous bites at the coffee tables inside the restaurant or take away your favourite grilled delicacies to savour them at your place of lodging. This simple & cozy restaurant with warm colours and friendly staff who share an easy laugh, is a great place for grilled Indian fare like tandoori chicken and delicious kebabs. Their appetizers , as well as curry items, are excellent too.

Best things to do on Christmas in Zurich

Zurich is simply enchanting at Christmas time. The whole city is bathed in warm light, there’s a scent of cinnamon and mulled wine in the air and Christmas melodies ring out everywhere. Sunday opening and night shopping provide the opportunity to splash out on gifts. And, what’s more, Zurich’s hoteliers throw fantastic parties on New Year’s Eve. Switzerland comes alive during the winter season, particularly in the weeks running up to Christmas. Beautiful markets spring up across the country, town center shimmer with fairy lights and even historic buildings join in the festive spirit.

List of things to do on Christmas in Zurich:

  1. Christmas Market
christmas in Zurich, Zurich

There are enough of Christmas markets to choose from across Switzerland. Montreux Noël is perhaps one of the best, and most beautiful markets that you’ll come across in the entire country as the famous Chillon Castle gets into the festive spirit. Basel also hosts a mean market and its light show turns the old town into a true winter wonderland; for good reason is it known as one of Switzerland’s prettiest Christmas events.

2. Enjoy Hot Chocolate

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The chilly winter days in Switzerland always require some warming drinks to go along with them. There are plenty of family-friendly options to try, as well as some alcoholic treats just for us parents. Whether it is at a Christmas market, after a winter hike, or a long day on the piste.

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3. Ice skate

During the festive season, any town or city in Switzerland that’s worth its name opens up an ice rink. Some, like Locarno’s beautiful ice rink that takes up its Piazza Grande, are definitely worth visiting. Another option is Zurich’s Christmas Village or the Dolder Ice Complex, Switzerland’s largest artificial ice rink, that’s incredibly famous.

4. Switzerland’s tallest Christmas tree

christmas tree. zurich

Every year, St. Gallen outdoes the rest of Switzerland with a gigantic 20 metre Christmas tree that glimmers with the glow of over 5000 fairy lights. The tree sits in front of the Abbey of St. Gallen, one of the most beautiful buildings in the country. You won’t be disappointed by the rest of the town, which has a fully pedestrianized center, the streets of which become a “city of stars” during the Festive season.

Best Things to do in Bruges on this Christmas Day

Long known as one of the most historic and well-preserved medieval towns in the world, Bruges seemed almost too perfect a place for this time of year, a most ideal Christmas town. But in many ways, Bruges exceeded my expectations. I anticipate a town much smaller and a whole lot more touristy than what I discovered. Christmas in Bruges distills the fairytale essence of Christmas. And if there’s one word that sums up Bruges, it’s chocolate. You can’t walk the streets before encountering an intoxicating scent of pralines and Belgian waffles. But if sweets are your weakness, then let me warn you, prepare to muster up all your self-control.

1. Christmas Markets in Bruges

There are 2 Christmas markets in Bruges. The city hosts an awesome ice sculpture festival.The markets are smaller than the ones in Brussel. Yet, don’t miss to visit them because of the fairytale atmosphere. The main one is located at Markt in the historical heart of the city. There is a second smaller Christmas village at Simon Stevinplein. Both markets are within a walking distance from each other.

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2. Bruges Serene Canals

Belgium is one of the ‘low-countries’ and has the canals to prove it. Take advantage of the quiet time of year in December for a canal-side stroll in Bruges. Duck down a side street and you’ll feel like you have the whole town to yourself.

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3. Festive Belgian Chocolates

Belgium is synonymous with chocolate and Bruges chocolate is some of Belgium’s finest. We enjoyed browsing the shops and spotting Santa caps and reindeer among the chocolate creations.

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4. Bruges Cozy Beer Pubs

Bruges has its fair share of Belgian beer pubs. De Garre is famous for their house beer which weighs in at about 11% alcohol content so watch out. We also visited ‘t Brugs Bieratelier which had fantastic atmosphere including an old timey cash register. Our favorite part was the fact that they do tasting flights to give folks the opportunity to sample a variety of Belgian beers. Variety is the spice of life.

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5. Christmas Dinner at Bistro de Schilder

Bistro de Schilder is a cozy restaurant stationed inside an old gabled canal house in Bruges. There are some disturbing paintings of clowns on that wall, but that aside, the food was quite excellent. I managed to eat an entire pot of mussels in their signature beer sauce. Plus, don’t forget the frites! Bistro de Schilder is an ideal spot for Christmas dinner in Bruges.

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Amazing Christmas Movies of all time

Christmas movies are a strange breed. You want Cameron Diaz singing Green Day in an empty cottage in an English Village, It exists. If you want a holiday movie with Arnold Schwartzenegger, you can have it. You want near-elf castrations? Oh you better believe it exists. If you want many movies that have almost the exact same title, but in some cases literally the same title, this genre has you covered. There’s horror. There’s comedy. There is never a lack of options good, bad, or confusing—that can fill the many hours of the holiday season.

List of some Amazing Christmas movies:

1. Last Holiday

Queen Latifah kills it as a terminal patient mistakenly diagnosed by a faulty MRI machine. What ensues is a woman who has always played it safe taking her savings and embarking on a European vacation to meet her culinary inspiration. The problem with all of that is, when you don’t have a terminal disease and spend all your money, what comes next? You have to watch.

2. Office Christmas Party

T. J. Miller and Jennifer Aniston play feuding siblings who have different perspectives on how to run the company they inherited. Tasked with winning the business of a high-stakes client, Miller’s Clay sets out throw the office Christmas party to end all office Christmas party—an event so debauched that it might end their company, too.

3. Jack Frost

Sure, Michael Keaton gets a Christmas movie, too. He plays a man literally named Jack Frost, who lived his life as a bitter, aging rocker and meets a tragic end in a car accident on Christmas Day. A year later, his son plays a song on his old harmonica and brings him back to life; this time as a snowman. Bad special effects might make this one more of a horror film than a heartwarming Christmas movie, but nonetheless, here it is.

4. The Holiday

Nancy Meyers is the Queen of Cozy, and this Christmas-set romantic comedy might be her most warm and snuggly film yet. Two women—one in London (Kate Winslet), one in Los Angeles face simultaneous romantic disappointments, which leads to them swapping apartments over the holidays and, in turn, finding new men to swoon over.

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5. The Santa Clause

Way to make a lovely holiday into a complete nightmare, mid-1990s filmmakers. In 1994 a very specific Christmas fear formed for some children: that Santa would fall off their roof and to his death. When Tim Allen inadvertently causes Santa to die on his property, he has to assume the role of the next Santa Claus. There’s a lot of body-shaming stuff here that likely doesn’t fly as well in 2019, but this movie is featured in enough Christmas movie marathons that it belongs on the list.

Christmas things to do in Florence

Florence is one of those cities that seems enchanting around Christmas. The joyful atmosphere starts in early December, and throughout the month, there are enough of events, markets, festivals and things to do. Enjoy the Tuscan capital city during one of the best times of the year. Christmas in Florence is festive treat, thanks to a breathtaking light festival, and plenty of festive decorations and events. From the giant Christmas tree and origin scene in Piazza Duomo, the Christmas Market in Piazza Santa Croce and plenty of shopping chance.

christmas in Florence, Florence

List of things to do on Christmas in Florence:

1.Attend the Christmas Eve Mass in the Duomo

The gorgeous Cathedral of Florence, also called the Duomo, becomes a fascinating place during the Christmas season thanks to the big tree and the nativity scene just outside. If you are planning to visit, there is no better time than during the winter holidays. One of the best ways to experience the typical Christmas atmosphere is to attend the Christmas Eve Mass. Make sure to arrive early because the church is very busy, especially during the holiday season.

christmas in Florence, Florence

2.Tea at the British Institute of Florence

For tea fans, there is nothing better than spending some time at the British Institute of Florence during the Christmas holidays. Their Christmas Fair features books, crafts and more to help support the Harold Acton Library, one of the most gorgeous libraries in town that is well worth a visit if you get the chance. During your visit, taste some of the delicious cakes, pastries and, of course, English tea.

christmas in Florence, Florence

3.The Nutcracker at Teatro della Pergola

Teatro della Pergola, one of the most important theaters in Florence, hosts a production of The Nutcracker, one of the most famous ballets in the world. Those in Florence during the Christmas season should be sure to reserve tickets for the special performance by the Moscow Ballet. Some advice—book the tickets in advance, as they tend to sell out quickly.

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4.Ice skate at Florence Winter Park

It rarely snows in Florence so you’ll be disappointed if you’re looking for a white Christmas. But for those who love to ice skate, Florence has a rink open near the Arno River at Florence Winter Park. You’ll find families with children, older couples and groups of friends looking to have a good time together. It is one of the best ways to get out of the crowded city center and spend a few hours just having a lot of fun.

christmas in Florence, Florence

5. Enjoy a shopping sessions

There is no doubt that Florence has become one of the world’s shopping capital. In its gorgeous historic center, which has not changed in over 500 years, there are endless amounts of goods, from leather bags from local markets to high-end designer label suits and gowns. Shopping in Florence is a pleasure regardless of budget or taste, but it becomes even more pleasant at Christmas time. In fact, in winter tourists are few, the streets are less crowded, and the artisans in the handicraft shops are happy to take the time to chat. And don’t worry about the holiday: all shops, restaurants and museums will be open over the holidays.

christmas in Florence, Florence

Best Market you can’t miss this Christmas in New York

New York in winters is enchanted, the Rockefeller center all lit up, ice skating in Central Park And you can eat hot roasted chestnuts from street vendors. The city also has some astounding spots for holiday shopping and snacking, So here is the list of the best Christmas markets in New York. The city takes things to a new level with the many holiday markets that pop up for the season, from the popular Winter Village at Bryant Park to local crafts in Brooklyn. Here’s where you’ll find all sorts of gifts and tasty eat

Christmas, Travel

1) Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park

One of the gorgeous Christmas Markets in New York is the Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park. More than 150 glass kiosks line Bryant Park during the holiday season. The market has goods from local and international artisans, who sell artwork, home goods, beauty products and toys as well as a wide selection of food. In the center of the park is a rink where you can ice-skate, and warm up with some hot cocoa.

Christmas, Travel

2)Grand Central Terminal Holiday Fair

It is one of the huge Christmas market in New York City with more than 40 vendors taking over half of the historic Vanderbilt Hall. You can find a lot of different products there like handmade items and a lot of different unique gifts. Even if you already completed all of your holiday shopping I still suggest that you visit the Grand Central Christmas Market.

Christmas, Travel

3) Union Square Holiday Market

Roughly 200 local and national vendors come together at this outdoor market, selling things like leather goods, artisanal olive oil and skin care products. Special features include a “Little Brooklyn” section, a warming station, a kids’ crafts studio and live music. And of course, there’s tasty food on hand. Check out the Urbanspace Provisions area—with hot chocolate and apple cider available to keep you warm.

Christmas, Travel

4)Astoria Holiday Market

For three Sundays this December, Astoria’s Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden will transform into a holiday market with gifts for sale by local Queens-based crafters, bakers and artisans. Handmade and vintage items include toys, jewelry, accessories, clothing, soaps, artwork and chocolates. Vendors are always changing at the mom-and-pop-style market, so it’s worth visiting more than once.

Christmas, Travel

Top Christmas Markets in Capetown

Shopping for Christmas gifts in Cape Town can be a horrifying and annoying reality, and all considerable shopping malls are overflowing with people. The city plays host to a wide variety of Christmas gift and craft markets where shopping is stress-free and corridor cruising amounts to a relaxed stroll with the family between fresh air and friendly people.These pop-up and more permanent festive bazaars tend to stock quality handcrafted goods, which means you can choose a gift that’s unique and perfectly suited to whomever you’re buying for.  Here is the list of best Christmas markets in Cape Town, where you can enjoy delicious food, wine, and a festive vibe while you shop for exclusive, artisinal gifts. 

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List of Christmas Market in Capetown


The Bay Harbour Market is Cape Town’s most diversified and broad weekend hotspot. It is a place where locals and visitors mingle, shop, eat and drink while enjoying live music performances from local musicians. Located at the waters’ edge, inside a once deserted fish factory, this energetic and eclectic market place comes alive every weekend. With over 100 stalls offering a wide array of heavenly cuisine, beautiful décor, contemporary fashion for adults and kids and marvelous art and craft items Bay Harbour Market has it all.

christmasincapetown, travel


Boston Craft Market is an indoor Arts & Crafts market offering an exclusive cosy and friendly experience in the heart of Boston in Bellville. It is well known as ‘Pop-up Mall’ where you can meet with the artists and crafters. You will find a breathtaking collection of crafters and foodies with unique, homespun, handmade, natural and quality crafts and delicious food to satisfy every taste.

christmasincapetown, travel

3) TEARS Christmas Market  

TEARS Animal Rescue is in charge for extricate thousands of animals and this year all the revenue from their Christmas market will go to aid sick and needy animals. Not only will they have a collection of vendors selling everything from books to bric-a-brac, but their market also gives philanthropist the favorable circumstances to get to know some of the dogs up for adoption. Christmas shopping and puppies make for a great mix.

christmasincapetown, travel


There will be live entertainment, pony rides and enough of fun activities and everything will be Christmas themed. There will be over 80 stallholders. This is one of the best Christmas market in Capetown.

christmasincapetown, travel

Amazing Things To Do in Prague on Christmas

Perhaps the most gorgeous of all European Capitals, Prague is a captivating city that reels it’s visitors in and fascinate them never to leave. Visiting Prague in Winter is even more enchanting as Squares are overtaken by Christmas Markets and the lights come out in force. Fresh breezes blow over the Charles Bridge, dislodging frost from the stern faces of statues. Christmas markets fit with shoppers, as others line up for a taste of spit-roast pork, breath frosting as they laugh. Sparkling fires in pubs welcome visitors as they kick the snow from their boots, settling down with a pint of Czech beer and a hearty meal. It’s pretty damn perfect.

Christmas in Prague,Travel

Things to do in Prague on Christmas:

Ice skating in Prague

One extraordinary highlight of Prague in December is indeed ice skating, which is famous among tourists and locals alike. Whether you’re a seasoned pro and elegantly cut circles across the ice or are a slip-sliding first-timer, there is nothing like being out in the fresh air surrounded by beautiful lights and the historic buildings of Prague.

Christmas in Prague,Travel

Explore Prague Christmas Markets

Christmas in Prague would not be completed without the festive Christmas Markets Browse the handicraft markets, partake in Christmas carols, indulge in delicious snacks and warm up with hot drinks. The Christmas Markets of Prague really is a winter heaven. But if the crowds at the main spots become a bit too much you can also look for the smaller yet equally delightful markets at Prague Castle, Havel’s Market, Kampa Island or on the Republic Square.

Christmas in Prague,Travel

Visit Prague’s churches and museums

If you really can’t take any more of the chilly breezes and snowfalls, take interest of the fact that Prague has endless admirable museums and churches for you to explore whilst you warm up. You’re bound to find something of interest, no matter what your tastes are.

Christmas in Prague,Travel

Christmas in Bangkok

Christmas in Bangkok is the time of the year when the city’s hotels usually enjoy maximum occupancy, and when shopping malls astonish with dramatic decorations, displays, events and promotions. Shopping, along with eating and partying the night away, is usually on everyone’s agendas in Bangkok. A must-see is the Christmas lights decorating Bangkok’s many buildings, trees, bridges, and lamp poles.

List of things to do on Christmas in Bangkok

1) Wandering the Streets of Bangkok

Walking the streets of central Bangkok on Christmas is part of the fun. A good place to start is on Rachadamri Road, where you can check out soulful décor and lights at outstanding venues like The Four Seasons Hotel, The Peninsula Plaza, Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel, The Erawan Mall, and Amarin Plaza.

2) Christmas Shopping 

christmas in Bangkok, Bangkok, Travel

Bangkok might not celebrate Christmas the classic way, shopping is literally a national pastime in Bangkok, and the city often appears to have as many malls and department stores as it does restaurants and hotels, thus it is an admirable place to be if you are in need of Christmas gifts. Additionally, the glitz of Christmas seems to have taken the city by storm, and now all the major malls feature large lit Christmas trees, lights, decorations, and of course plenty of sales.

3) Eating and Drinking


What is Christmas without overdoing it on the food and drink front? Bangkok delivers on this front too, and you certainly won’t go hungry for festive fare. If staying at an international hotel in Bangkok, you are likely to come across popular gala buffet dinners for both Christmas and New Year. They might be just what you are looking for in terms of a ready-made package of familiar celebrations, but they can also be pricey.


4) Religious services

Bangkok has its share of Christian churches, and if you are looking for a religious service to attend on Christmas Day – or just want to take a wander around a church in the festive season – you won’t have trouble finding one. After several years of restoration, Assumption Church is now open again, and is worth a visit over Christmas. 

Interesting Things to do in Florence at night

This is one of the best cities in Italy to go out and enjoy the night life with your friends and family. Not only because it is incredibly safe, but it also some best features some fun locales , where visitors can experience going out European-style.

Whether you are looking for a night out with your friends or else you were planning on relaxing with a glass of wine, Florence has the best spots for you to enjoy your night .There are also a few unusual spots awaiting for you to discover around this awesome city.  This is the best attraction and mainstream vacation destinations in Florence , Italy.

Things to do in Florence at Night :

1.Seeing the Duomo Around Evening Time:

The sun rises from behind the Duomo when the sky is clear of clouds, you can get a very nice view. And If you’re staying in Milan for just a few days, then I would suggest everyone going to visit the Duomo in the evening too . Near duomo there are amazing bars out there which offers an awesome neighborhood for a night out.


Se-Sto is the most iconic terrace restaurants or Hotel and it is one of the few rooftop restaurants in Florence. It is also famous for having a 360-degree view of the city from where you can see all the roofs, churches and bell-towers of Florence.

3.During Christmas time

Christmas time is the most awesome time in Florence. This Christmas time is the most enchanting period of the year in the Renaissance Tuscan capital . Immersing yourselves in the Christmas atmosphere between the illuminated streets and the Christmas street markets in the heart of Florence, participating in traditional fairs and tastings of the typical products of the festivities.

4.Santa Clause Croce

Santa Clause Croce is the best place for youths and it is a energetic region around evening time and this comes under the best things to see in Florence at night . There you can find numerous English and Irish bars and where you can go to get a “lager” beer . Red Garter is a famous American Bar/Sport and Steakhouse offering unrecorded music, karaoke, and a moving floor.

5.Review the City From Fiesole

The town of Fiesole is on a hillside above Florence, Italy .This is the vantage point from which you can view the skyline and sunsets over the Renaissance city and this comes under the best things to do in Florence at night. It is situated on a hill overlooking the Arno and Mugnone valleys just northeast of Florence.

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